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HOW will not be participating in a breed demo at Midwest Horse Fair this year. For various reasons, some outside our control, we exceeded our time allotments last year and our application to participate this year was declined. Lesson learned and advice to all other breed and discipline participants - No matter how popular your group is with the fair goers, going overtime can result in not getting a return invite. Have someone at the gate with a good stopwatch timing your performance and at 9 minutes 30 seconds, no matter where you are in your planned routine, start getting your group out of the ring.


The Haflinger Owners of Wisconsin (HOW) is an organization that began in an effort to unite Wisconsin Haflinger horse owners and organize a group that could effectively promote and educate the public on the merits of the Haflinger horse. By hosting fun and educational events, we hope to increase exposure to the breed and encourage non-Haflinger owners to consider choosing a Haflinger for their next equine partner.

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